Candle Elements

Our 100% vegetable candle wax is sold in individual boxes of 1.5 lbs. It comes with four 7" long, non metal wicks to create the cleanest burning candle possible. Smoke, fume and scent free. It is also available at a bulk rate in 50lbs increments. A material like sand, earth, pebbles or rocks can be used to create a bottom layer.

It is totally removable ( by lifting the cooled off candle lump ) so you can make a temporary candle in your favorite ceramic or crystal bowl. You can also renew your existing pillar candles by filling in the melted part and inserting a new wick. The uses for this amazing product are limited only by your imagination.





Shown in an antique bread riser.

We offer the antique bread risers  in several sizes, from single pocket to 10 pockets. All are one of a kind so size and color varies slightly.  Please call or email for more details.

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